2020 has been a difficult year that has required us to adapt and change the way we operate. One positive outcome, however, is that tough times can generate unity, from advocating for social justice to simply checking in on our neighbors. Similar efforts have arisen in the advertising community.

OpenX is proud to announce its participation in a pro bono campaign driven by the Ad Council and executed by our partners at Matterkind/IPG. Collectively, we have launched a PMP supporting a number of timely messages, including COVID-19 PSAs and Racial Justice. We are leveraging programmatic technology to deliver the greatest possible creative agility, speed to market and results.

How it works:

OpenX created a PMP for the Matterkind team and pledged millions of impressions across any and all inventory, screens and publishers. On an ongoing basis, the Ad Council selects 3-5 campaigns they feel are most in need of media support and rotate the corresponding display and video assets into the PMP. All targeting is dictated by Matterkind and the Ad Council and can be adjusted mid-flight to align with a given message’s intended geo and audience.

Liz DeAngelis, VP of Growth and Managed Platforms at the Ad Council, summed up the PMP by saying, “Donated media doesn’t always allow for granular targeting and frequency controls as well as the ability to optimize, and growing this channel has yielded tremendous success for our campaigns. The team over here is blown away by this program, and I think there is a lot of potential and value to continuing to grow this channel.”

What we’re promoting:

The PMP was originally set up for COVID-19 PSA messaging, but its scope has expanded as the campaign has progressed, and now includes ads around Feeding Hunger, Mental Health and Racial Justice. Exact messages and creative rotation will be updated quarterly.

For example, in states with rising COVID-19 cases, the campaign encourages residents to wear masks and socially distance – soon, it will broadcast tips for re-entry.

Speaking on the campaign, Nancy Hall, EVP, Matterkind East & Head of Outcome Based Marketing said, “We all know how effective advertising is at delivering a message, and the PMP we’ve set up is promoting public service announcements that we feel are critical for people to hear. Working with the Ad Council and partners like OpenX, we’re able to show the power of addressable advertising, and this campaign is a great example of how we as an industry can come together to make a positive impact.”

Why we’re doing it:

This one is easy: it’s the right thing to do. We’re privileged to support a good cause and thank our friends at Matterkind and the Ad Council for a successful collaboration.