By OpenX in Brands & Agencies|November 7, 2019

Holiday Shopping Trends: A Look at the US & UK

Holiday shopping is now on the minds of consumers as December quickly approaches. This means that marketers should already be looking at key shopping trends in order to put together advertising strategies that not only reach their targeted audience, but resonates with them in a way that drives them to buy. 

In September, OpenX partnered with global research firm The Harris Poll to hear directly from consumers in the US and the UK about their holiday shopping habits, and how they engage with media today. What we found were some big differences as well as many similarities between the two countries. The data proved that is extremely important for advertisers to understand their audience no matter the country, in order to be successful during the holidays. Below we have created an infographic that outlines holiday shopping trends in both countries that will help advertisers capitalize on this holiday season, no matter the target consumer. 

For more information, download our full US report here or download our full UK report here.

holiday shopping_OX19_Infographic

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