By Matt Sattel in Brands & Agencies, OpenX Innovations|October 28, 2022

As Buyers Turn to Data and Deals, OpenX Delivers

This post is by Matt Sattel, SVP Buyer Development at OpenX.

As a former client of OpenX, I had the opportunity to work with the platform and was impressed with their differentiated product set. While historically, buyers have thought of SSPs as a commodity, I saw OpenX building buyer-facing products and tools that proved SSPs can go beyond inventory and provide additional value to buyers. OpenX’s owned and operated identity graph, focus on supply side targeting, and innovative thinking in video and CTV helped drive my decision to join the team.

While OpenX has always been a leader in building technology, it was time to put a clear focus on introducing our differentiated products to market. My goal in joining OpenX was to bring these tools to more buyers and scale a team that would focus on expanding the value OpenX provides to brands and agencies. We’re doing that by:

  • Listening to buyers to align our solutions with their needs
  • Building out a world-class sales and support team
  • Ensuring buyer success

We Hear You, Buyers!

When it comes to listening, we’ve heard buyers loud and clear. They want differentiated value, control over their programmatic spend and the ability to reach their audiences with quality placements. OpenX helps buyers move the needle on these goals.

Differentiated value: Our innovative technology goes above and beyond to help buyers deliver unforgettable experiences to their key audiences. With an identity graph at the core of our data offering, brands get higher match rates and more precise targeting. Video by OpenX delivers streaming video in display placements — providing uniquely beautiful video experiences on quality content at much lower prices. 

Control over spend:  Spending on the open web can introduce variables that more buyers are looking to control. By creating deals, buyers have more control over the terms of the media buy and can ensure that they get the audience and placements that they want. OpenX fully supports deal-based buying and delivers quality targeting at scale.

Reaching audiences on quality placements: OpenX is a leader in delivering identity-based advertising across channels. We have partnerships with commerce brands including Walgreens and Kroger. Our decades-long relationships with some of the best and biggest media companies in the world ensures that brands reach their audiences within quality content. And with new offerings like Video by OpenX, brands can up-level to premium-quality video advertising without major price increases.

Supporting Buyers at Every Level

We take a consultative approach — listening to our buyers’ needs and creating bespoke solutions that speak directly to their goals and requirements. This requires an expert team that deeply understands buyers and how to craft a successful approach. It’s been deeply rewarding being at the forefront of this buyer team as we see first-hand how OpenX can solve for so many needs in a complex marketplace.

This year, I’ve added a number of A-players to the team to support buyers as they work with us. Without question, one of the most important members of that team is Sandra Fawaz, who was recently promoted to VP of Activation. Sandra leads our support efforts, working to ensure that the technology, data, integrations, media buying requirements and reporting needed to deliver successfully is in order. As our list of buyer clients grows, her team is expanding to provide top-notch service.

Ensuring Success Now and in the Future

At OpenX, we’re working to deliver success for buyers today, but we’re also playing the long game. We’ve long been at the forefront, not only of technology innovation, but also of sustainability. As the only SSP certified as CarbonNeutral, brands can be assured that they are working with a company that is committed to reducing carbon emissions, even as we are delivering new innovations to the market.

For example, Video by OpenX uses streaming technology. Not only does streaming enable buyers to deliver high-quality video-in-display, but it is so efficient that it uses much less data than typical download technology — creating a win-win.

We’re quickly taking on new buyer clients as they see that we’re aligned with their immediate goals for a successful Q4 in a tight market, but also that we’re a real partner that will deliver success in 2023 and beyond.

If you’re a buyer that’s interested in a better media partnership, I’d love to hear from you.

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