By OpenX in OpenX Innovations|June 6, 2018

OpenX’s Private Marketplaces VIP Service

OpenX has made service a priority for our partners in this ever-evolving industry. Last month, we launched a new service for publishers to help manage PMP deals: Private Marketplaces VIP Service.

VIP Service is a value-add where we provide a dedicated Deal Specialist to help troubleshoot any deals you set up on our platform. Additionally, our team of analysts assist with pricing, packaging, and proactively reviewing deals to ensure they scale and monetize properly. We’re there to help you grow your long-term PMP strategy.

  1. Package pricing: Since PMP buyers get priority access ahead of exchange buyers, it’s critical that impressions sold to PMP deals are not sold for less than could be earned from the broader exchange. Our package pricing recommendations take into account your inventory’s overall RTB performance to ensure prices are high enough to deserve priority access and approachable to buyers.
  2. Inventory packaging: Our analysts review your inventory and suggest the optimal segments to package for buyers. These package suggestions, paired with customized pricing recommendations, removes the burden of assembling your PMP offering.
  3. Proactive Deal Health Check: Despite the recent investment in reporting and troubleshooting tools, there is no substitute for human expertise. OpenX acts as an extension of your team by proactively reviewing every deal you launch the first business day after the deal’s start date. Our analysts provide assessments of every deal, and will proactively work to resolve any issues they find. This results in deals going live as soon as possible, maximizing deal revenue, and supporting your relationships with buyers.

Our recommendations have already provided positive results to our publisher partners. For one major global news, tech, and finance site we noticed they had a setting that restricted deal spend. Once we discovered and changed this setting, spend increased 300%.

Find out more details about our VIP Service by downloading our guide and asking your account manager on how to get started!

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