Three Ways to Reach Your Audience on the Open Web

By Joey Leichman in Brands & Agencies|April 16, 2020

With consumer attention being pulled in so many different directions, marketers are struggling to reach their desired audiences at scale. This rings particularly true when it comes to finding people on the open web — the place where consumers spend the majority of their time online and where marketers have had more difficulty getting in front of the right person. 

To solve that problem, we spent the last year developing our people-based marketing platform, OpenAudience, powered by a proprietary match table of 284M US consumers that allows marketers to build audiences and find their target users across the open web. The match table includes data from the OpenX Exchange (contextual data from publishers, bid history, etc.), along with a variety of online and offline data sources (Experian, Affinity, NinthDecimal, IAB look-a-likes, etc.) that enrich and enhance the 284M resolved user profiles. 

There are 3 ways marketers can activate with OpenAudience:

1. Partner Audiences

The fastest and easiest way to activate an audience is to leverage Partner Audiences. Marketers can tap into more than 35 prebuilt audiences across all major verticals (CPG, Auto, etc.) that give them the scale, reach and precision they need to drive ROAS.

Partner Audiences are built using the OpenAudience match table, which combines self-reported heavy spenders on a particular category, historical visitation data to particular destinations and online visits to contextually relevant sites or apps to find the people most likely to engage with a certain type of ad. These deals can be set up and activated in minutes via Deal ID.

2. Custom Audiences

Marketers who don’t find a Partner Audience that suits their needs can create Custom Audiences built to their unique requirements. 

Marketers can share details or specific parameters about their target users. OpenX then reviews the request against all of the data fields and sources available in the OpenAudience match table, builds an audience tailored to those parameters and shares it with the marketer to activate. 

3. Look-A-Like Audiences

Look-a-like audiences have traditionally been among the highest performing audience targeting methods, and with OpenAudience marketers can access look-a-likes across the huge scale of the open web.

Marketers can pass a first-party file or an audience they already have into our privacy-compliant “cleanroom.” We match that file against our OpenX IDs to find additional users who share similar attributes — increasing unique user reach for a brand using their own data as a starting point.

No matter which method(s) a marketer uses to build their audience, OpenX creates a Deal ID that can be easily activated through their DSP of choice. For more information on how to better reach your audience on the open web, please email