Introducing the OpenX Prebid Analytics Adapter

By OpenX in OpenX Innovations|March 30, 2020

Header bidding has been standard practice in the industry for the better part of the last five years, yet publishers are still facing challenges when it comes to optimizing the technology to work best for them. A knowledgeable and quickly growing Prebid community has helped make it a little easier, and OpenX is proud to be an active contributor in that community. 

From streamlining the management of SSP and exchange partners to providing increased transparency, Prebid has given publishers much needed control over their programmatic revenue. However, when it comes to analyzing and optimizing performance, there’s still room for innovation and improvement. 

To optimize programmatic revenue within Prebid, publishers need better visibility into the performance of each partner — detailed analytics and insights are key. The OpenX Prebid Analytics Adapter can help. 

The OpenX Prebid Analytics Adapter offers a sophisticated reporting system that will give publishers visibility into exchange partners’ performance data at a granular level, along with easier troubleshooting and a/b testing functionality. Some of the metrics that will be available to publishers include: CPM, time to response, timeout, win rate and bid request count in addition to dozens of others.  

By operating fully in GCP, OpenX can deliver these insights with immediate worldwide availability and autoscaling for the most optimal operation and data process/storage. Publishers will also have one centralized place where they can view data from all of their Prebid partners in the same UI as OpenX reporting.

Immediate benefits for publishers using the adapter: 

  • Better visibility on exchange partners’ performance data
  • Easier troubleshooting
  • Ability to see A/B test results
  • Unprecedented volume and scale in GCP

As Prebid takes on an increasingly important role for publishers, OpenX will continue to build solutions that make managing and growing revenue as simple as possible.

For more information, please email your OpenX account manager directly or reach out to us at