TV by OpenX Expands Internationally, Delivers Data-Driven Curation for US Buyers

By Matt Sattel in CTV, Transparency|June 4, 2024

At OpenX, we’re focused on creating the future of CTV by making it more transparent for buyers and efficient for publishers. We started by introducing TV by OpenX, the programmatic industry’s first initiative to unlock the full potential of biddable CTV by ensuring our supply was premium and direct, meaning all resellers and non-TV content were removed from our CTV inventory. 

As a result, TV by OpenX consists of only premium and direct inventory across 110 million “glass-on-wall” devices, so there are no resellers, ad networks, fireplace apps, games, mobile, or other unintentional inventory included in our supply. By removing all resellers and eliminating all non-TV content, buyers can confidently transact knowing they’re getting broadcast-quality inventory for their CTV CPMs.

And best of all, these innovations are already providing measurable results for our clients. In the US, TV by OpenX publishers have seen a 22% increase in monetized impressions since its launch in November.

TV by OpenX goes global

Today, we’re excited to announce the global expansion of TV by OpenX to Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom. We look forward to our partners in these countries receiving access to direct-sourced inventory, which improves transparency and control and drives campaign performance, while log-level insights deliver complete visibility into impressions. 

Buyers will quickly learn they can confidently deliver premium advertising experiences without extensive manual work, while publishers can monetize their inventory more efficiently. It’s a win-win for the entire ecosystem.

Bringing data-driven curation to biddable CTV in the US

While the first phase of TV by OpenX focused on transparency, this next step in OpenX’s evolution of programmatic television buying combines future-proofed data-driven curation with high-quality, transparent, biddable CTV in the US. 

As brands and agencies continue to invest in scatter to buy closer to campaign activation, TV by OpenX’s US enhancements empower buyers to leverage the largest independent supply-side graph to target audiences across direct CTV inventory. In this next phase of TV by OpenX, data-driven, contextual, attention, and sustainability offerings power the direct activation of curated audiences at scale.

In this next phase of TV by OpenX, US buyers can choose from any one of OpenX’s 250+ data partners, including Captify, Samba TV, and TVision, to target an audience via CTV inventory using OpenX’s cross-platform identity graph. This allows buyers to increase scale and optimize toward their desired campaign outcomes via their preferred DSP. Additionally, TV by OpenX enables political advertisers to reach high-value audiences on direct, premium supply this political cycle by leveraging ACR audiences from Samba TV.

What’s next?

We’re thrilled to build on the success of TV by OpenX, both in geographical expansion as well as in enhancing the US offering by delivering buyers more data-driven curation options. As we continue to define what the future of CTV looks like, these innovations, among others, are empowering a fair and transparent value exchange between publishers, agencies, and DSPs, ultimately driving stronger outcomes for campaigns and better content for consumers.