Combating Fraud – Part 2: The Fraud Ecosystem

By OpenX in Brands & Agencies, Publishers|December 8, 2016

To stop ad fraud, which jeopardizes the development and adoption of new ad tech solutions, we must understand why it happens and where it occurs. Simply put, the root cause of ad fraud comes down to the ability to profit from bad ads. To stem the flow of dollars to fraudulent ads, the opportunity must be taken away from bad actors.

By thoroughly examining traffic quality data, companies can identify which impressions are trustworthy and which are not. Right now video ad fraud is a topic of particular concern. Considering U.S. digital video ad spending is predicted to more than triple from now until 2020, topping $28 billion by 2020, that is no surprise.

We recently spoke with a number of executives from companies leading the fight against fraud, including WhiteOps, Integral Ad Science, and Dstillery, to discuss their own approaches to identifying and eradicating fraud.

Watch the second part of our series to learn more about the connection between video, viewability, viewer experience and fraud.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ad fraud is not just a viewability problem – it’s a security problem
  • The rate of growth in digital video spending is growing rapidly, far outstripping the supply
  • Focusing too much on viewability and video completion rates distracts from the true goal: changing people’s behavior