The Importance of Quality & Scale for Political Buyers

By OpenX in Brands & Agencies, Publishers|November 1, 2016

As the days count down to Election Day, the effectiveness of political ads can greatly influence the outcome of the presidential race. During a Beet TV summit on politics and advertising, OpenX VP of business development, Julie Van Ullen, discussed the elements required for successful political advertising campaigns.

Julie was joined on the panel by Erik Requidan, VP of programmatic at Intermarkets, and Carol Davidsen, VP of political technology at comScore.

Key Takeaway: Political buyers need scale to reach their target audiences, and header bidding is an effective technology for maximizing reach and access to high quality inventory, while also providing added benefits to publishers.


Political buyers target very niche audiences, and reaching a substantial portion of those audiences has traditionally been difficult. Header bidding solves this by providing buyers with access to all of a publisher’s available inventory, increasing their ability to reach those audiences.

At the same time, publishers get new, and valuable, insight about the value of every single impression on their site, enabling them to monetize their content more accurately.


Julie also underscored the importance of ensuring placements alongside quality content in addition to achieving scale.

With header bidding, buyers and publishers move away from demographics-based guessing to a more reliable impression-by-impression model without compromising on the quality of those placements. “Ad effectiveness on quality content is key,” she emphasized.

To watch the full panel discussion, click here.