Integrating with Data Management Platforms

By OpenX in OpenX Innovations, Publishers|February 1, 2016

The more you know about an audience segment, the more valuable that audience segment becomes. Publishers have understood this fact for a long time, but with the arrival of Data Management Platforms (DMPs), the science behind data segmentation and targeting has achieved new levels of granularity. By integrating DMP functionality into the OpenX Ad Server, we’re empowering publishers with a powerful tool designed to get the most value out of their audience segments.

How can publishers use this tool?

Our new DMP integrations give publishers a range of options for using these valuable tools.

  • Inside the Ad Server, publishers can target direct-sold campaigns based on audience segments synced from their DMP.
  • Using the OpenX Exchange, publishers can leverage DMP segments to make better-informed sales choices, such as setting a price floor based on audience to ensure that they achieve the highest possible CPM.
  • Within Private Marketplaces, publishers can use their DMP integration to generate Private Marketplaces packages targeting their most valuable audience segments. Alternatively, advertisers can onboard their DMP segments to reach their desired audiences across one or more publishers.

What are the benefits?

Access to audience segments benefit all stakeholders in the digital ecosystem by delivering increased value through best-in-breed data, which in turn drives campaign performance.

Publisher benefits include:

  • Increased revenue that comes from the improved ability to identify, organize, and report on audiences
  • More granular and automated audience classifications from the DMP, rather than manually generating the same information

Advertiser benefits include:

  • Improved campaign performance, by using DMP generated segments that capture user intent and behavior.

Can we integrate with any DMP?

We have launched integrations with Lotame and Krux. Integrations with other DMPs are coming soon.

What kind of success have clients seen so far?

SecondMedia, a network of more than 100 sites, wanted to create better targeted campaigns for their advertisers by taking advantage of OpenX’s integration with Lotame. Their goals were to have seamless access to the valuable and unique audiences they were able to build using the Lotame DMP, and build line items that could access those audiences in real-time and avoid the need to use custom cookie matching.

Here’s what David Rudolf, Co-Founder, VP Operations, SecondMedia had to say about the OpenX DMP integration:

We ran two campaigns targeting government and military veterans in Q4 which was entirely incremental business and those campaigns saw some of the highest engagement rates according to our client. Without the ability to target our audience in the OpenX dashboard we would not have been allocated the incremental budget from the client.

How can publishers start using OpenX’s integration with DMPs?

In order to benefit from the integration that OpenX has done with Krux and Lotame, please contact your assigned account manager at OpenX to discuss how to enable the DMP integration that is right for you.