OpenX + AMP = An Awesome Mobile Web

By OpenX in Mobile, OpenX Innovations|April 4, 2016

OpenX Ad Exchange can now work with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) with little to no work required by publishers. With the speed of AMP and the monetization power of the OpenX Ad Exchange, we are making the mobile web amazing.

OpenX is excited to be supporting Google on the AMP initiative. AMP, an open source framework based on HTML5, facilitates fast loading of mobile web pages. It effectively lets static content – like the content of a web page – load first.

As a certified AMP partner, publishers can now access the monetization power of OpenX technology when implementing AMP. Our certified solution enables the OpenX Ad Exchange to deliver ads with amazing CPMs to AMP pages, using either Exchange Tags or the industry leading OpenX Bidder solution. We are also proud to announce a solution that allows our OpenX Ad Server to work with AMP.

If you are leveraging the power of the OpenX Ad Exchange via Google’s DFP ad server; delivering secure creative using our Exchange Tags works out of the box. With this solution you get the best mobile web experience and the two largest ad exchanges in the industry competing to maximize your revenue.

With OpenX Bidder and AMP, you not only get the speed improvements for your mobile web pages, but also the leader in header bidding to increase your monetization. Our bidder partners see average revenue lifts of 20% to more than 50%.Our solution also works with OpenX Ad Server, the industry’s second largest ad server solution.

For both OpenX Bidder, and the OpenX Ad Server, you will need to use our AMP Adapter. The code can be found on GitHub here.

You can learn more about AMP at the official project site

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