Elevating the Ad Tech Ecosystem with Higher Standards on Quality & Transparency

By OpenX in OpenX Innovations, Publishers|April 25, 2016

Quality and transparency are among the top concerns for publishers and advertisers when it comes to programmatic. Working with partners committed to delivering on these key metrics should be a priority.

OpenX has long promoted the importance of quality and transparency in programmatic advertising, along with the need to set higher standards across the board. We know partners must trust that they are getting the high quality results they expect; third-party validation helps institutionalize standards and moves the industry further along.

We’re proud to be among the first group of technology companies to achieve independent third-party certification for the inventory in our exchange through Trustworthy Accountability Group’s (TAG) Inventory Quality Guideline (IQG) program. The third-party accreditation is a positive step towards unifying the fragmented ecosystem and establishing a common quality framework companies can follow.

With the IQG program, companies can describe and disclose the characteristics of their advertising inventory systematically  – meaning all technology providers can be measured against the same high standards.

The IQG program’s commendable goal is to bring a similar level of transparency to the rest of the industry. At OpenX, we applaud TAG’s work on IQG and the development of other industry quality standards for malware, piracy, and fraud.

Goals of TAG’s Inventory Quality Guidelines:

  • Support the information needs of advertising buyers
  • Define a common framework of disclosures that sellers can use across the industry
  • Offer clear language in IQG disclosure framework that enables buyers to make informed decisions
  • Review compliance among IQG-certified companies and facilitate the resolution of disputes and complaints

For more information about TAG’s stance on transparency and the IQG program, click here.