By OpenX in OpenX Innovations|April 26, 2016

OpenX Launches Programmatic Direct Deal Discovery API Feature

Similar to how your local hardware store operated before the introduction of online commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay, when private marketplaces first launched, commerce was limited to partners in a single network, with deals discovered the ‘old fashioned’ way, offline.  Now, with the introduction of the OpenX Deal discovery API, OpenX buyers can simply integrate the OpenX discovery API to identify the programmatic direct packages available.

Our discovery API provides buyers with an integrated workflow for planning, discovery and negotiation of OpenX Private Marketplace packages, deals and sites. Buyers who leverage the OpenX discovery API have the capability to efficiently discover deals across multiple packages and categories within the same demand platform framework used to execute deals. The discovery API also provides buyers with the ability to plug OpenX PMP opportunities directly into their discovery mechanism.

For publishers, discovery API provides an additional way to sell —  by simply selecting their packages as discoverable publishers can set distinct pricing controls for their premium inventory across all possible buying platforms, while exposing their inventory to new unique buyers.

With upwards of 400 discoverable packages available from supply partners, OpenX buyers who leverage the discovery API can better inform buying decisions and achieve scale.

Kantar, a leading media planning platform for agencies and advertisers, has launched the OpenX discovery API offering Kantar SRDS Digital Media database users the option to explore private marketplace programmatic packages. Kantar users can browse over 400 packages from OpenX, put multiple packages into a shopping cart, and send those as an RFP to OpenX.

RFPs are handled by OpenX, or directly by the publisher, with support from a dedicated OpenX client service specialist. Soon, SRDS and other media planning platforms, DSPs and Agency Trading Desks that buy programmatically will be able to explore available multi-publisher PMP and Real-time Guaranteed deals, in addition to the single-publisher PMP packages currently available.

If you are an OpenX partner interested in integrating with the OpenX discovery API, contact your Account Manager for more information.

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