By Brian Chisholm in OpenX Innovations|December 15, 2020

Scaling Cookieless Addressable Reach with LiveRamp Across the OpenX Exchange

As digital advertising prepares for a world without cookies, it has become clear that we collectively need a new solution for audience targeting and activation. Enabling targeting at scale is critical to the future of the open web, and at OpenX, we are both building and partnering with different solutions to ensure this can continue going forward.  

LiveRamp is one partner who shares a similar worldview and, over the past few years, we’ve combined forces on a variety of initiatives designed to help marketers reach their target audiences across the open web. 

LiveRamp was the first partner we turned to when instrumenting all of the supply in our exchange for identity, and OpenX was one of the first supply-side partners to integrate with LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) and help the industry prepare for a cookieless ecosystem. 

As part of the joint efforts between the two companies, OpenX also integrated LiveRamp’s IdentityLink (IDL), a pseudonymized identifier that enables people-based targeting and measurement without cookies. IDLs are now available directly in the bidstream, enabling both DSPs and private marketplace deals to leverage people-based identity. 

Reach on IDL at Scale

Today, OpenX has become a leading partner for marketers looking to reach addressable audiences based on IDL across the open web. Through display, mobile app, video and CTV, OpenX sees more than 210 million IDLs across more than 2,500 publishers, with monthly volumes of more than 235 billion biddable impressions from the Comscore top 50. This comes from our LiveRamp integration, which enables IDLs in the bidstream. Leveraging IDL allows OpenX to achieve maximum scale and the best possible match rate for marketers and publishers. 

We have also added IDL exposure logs into our log-level data solution, BIDS, so that marketers that work with OpenX to access their log-level data will be able to gain additional insight into the reach and performance of their IDL campaigns.

Why this matters to our partners – scale and flexibility

Many marketers have invested time and effort into building out audiences based on IDL, yet once this work is done, they need a channel to activate these audiences, and they need to do so at scale. This is what we are providing, along with the visibility and measurement capabilities that are unlocked by BIDS.

OpenX also supports multiple options for how a marketer activates their audience, giving buyers flexibility on how they want to execute. For marketers working through their regular DSP partners that are integrated with LiveRamp, the DSPs will have the ability to easily bid on audiences based on IDL for their clients. 

Or, if a marketer wants to submit an audience based on IDLs to OpenX directly through LiveRamp, we will generate a deal ID that can then be executed with their DSP of choice. 

What’s next?

As the industry continues to come together to find solutions for marketers to best reach their target audience, we will continue to expand our relationship with LiveRamp. By adding new formats, new regions of the world and more, our hope is that any marketer that has an audience segment based on IDL will be able to use OpenX as an activation channel to help them deliver their message. 

For more info on how to activate an IDL audience across the OpenX exchange, email

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