By OpenX in Sustainability|November 2, 2022

Vote for OpenX’s ‘Path to Net-Zero’ in the Shorty Impact Awards

OpenX is honored to be named a finalist in this year’s Shorty Impact Awards. This international program is dedicated to celebrating purpose-driven work from brands, agencies and nonprofits that make the world a better place — and OpenX has been working hard to do that with our “Path to Net-Zero” initiative.

This powerful sustainability initiative earned us a finalist spot in the Corporate Social Responsibility category. We’re celebrating the status and asking for votes toward the Audience Honor award at the in-person event.

OpenX’s “Path to Net-Zero” is part of a long-term strategic initiative that kicked off in 2018 to produce a transformational reduction of carbon emissions in our own business and across the digital advertising industry. It’s a necessary and doable task — one that requires real business change. 

For OpenX’s part, we have taken massive and impactful steps toward eliminating our carbon footprint. We shifted to the Google Cloud Platform for its efficiency, scalability, and operationally carbon-neutral status. We stepped into remote working, office downsizing, and limited travel. We inventoried our greenhouse gas emissions, engaged a third party for verification and set Net-Zero targets. Through all of this, OpenX reduced emissions by more than 90% and became the first and only ad exchange to achieve independent, third-party, CarbonNeutral® certification. 

These sustainability results aren’t just about OpenX: They ripple out to OpenX’s clients, the advertising industry, the technology world and businesses at large. Our transparency about the process, our willingness to share our lessons and the changes we’ve made to our business partnerships help push forward global sustainability goals. We’re proud to be recognized by the Shorty Impact Awards.

Vote for our Path to Net-Zero initiative to support our efforts.

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