Wellness Month at OpenX

By OpenX in Life at OpenX|November 22, 2019

At OpenX we want to help inspire our employees not only to do great work but to take care of themselves and stay healthy in the process. As part of this we deemed October 2019 Wellness Month here at OpenX, a tradition that we plan to continue annually. Our mission was to motivate employees, but we wanted to take a unique approach. Some companies will have yoga, pilates, or personal training options available to their employees, but we wanted to do even more. The challenge however is really figuring out what our employees enjoy the most and want to participate in. This is what led us to cultivate an entire month dedicated to events and activities meant to inspire employees to incorporate wellness in their everyday lives in a way that interests them the most. 

It can be hard to find balance everyday with work, family and other personal responsibilities and wellness isn’t always on the forefront of our minds. We wanted to show our employees that it is essential to take a step back and find small ways to make sure their health is in check- whether that be physical, mental or even financial health. We worked alongside corporate wellness company giveStrength, and planned events aimed at demonstrating how holistic health is. Wellness isn’t just about drinking kale smoothies and going to the gym every day- it’s bigger than that. It’s about a lifestyle, and a lifestyle can’t be changed overnight, it takes repetition and education. 

By focusing on wellness for 30 days we gave our employees the opportunity to create new habits and also have that repetition by participating in daily activities. We worked with a variety of local businesses around Pasadena, from different gyms and workout studios, to nutritionists, healthy food brands and financial advisors who all came to our headquarters to inspire our employees through workouts,meditation, lunch and learns and food and drink tastings. We showed our employees that Pasadena has a lot to offer – especially around health and wellness, and a lot of these businesses were even walking distance away!

We set up a plethora of wellness options with the hope that employees became motivated to continue these activities on their own once the month ended.  Most companies offered discounts or free trials when they came in to teach. Many employees took advantage of these trials such as 2 weeks free at Basecamp Fitness in Pasadena. We saw a few people heading over there during lunch! If you’re going to be at work 40+ hours a week, why not make sure you’re taking full advantage of the businesses near you.

The participation we saw all month long not only exceeded our expectations but also gave our employees the opportunity to participate in activities with coworkers that they don’t work with every day. It promoted camaraderie around the company as a whole instead of around a single team. When we are so deep in our work every day, it’s hard to get to know the people who sit down the row from you. It is very important to us at OpenX that everyone is involved and aware of the people around them. It is nice to know what everyone is working on. It creates a better environment. 

We didn’t want to stop inspiring our employees to keep their wellness in mind once October ended, so moving forward we are continuing some of our activities weekly, such as a two minute stretch once a week and monthly yoga classes. Our hope is to keep our office buzzing and the camaraderie strong as we move into the New Year!

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