By OpenX in Brands & Agencies|June 29, 2018

Cannes Lions 2018 – The Best Is Yet To Come

And just like that – Cannes Lions is behind us; may the reminiscing of the Croisette begin – clear skies, inspiring talks and rosé for days. It’s been just over a week since OpenX’s yacht, Les Bruxellois, set sail after yet another year of success, but we’re all still letting the key themes of the week sink in.

There’s no escaping the GDPR conversation

While many conversations touched on topics like the renewed focus the industry has on creativity, or the varied ways publishers can harvest user data to enable audience-targeted technologies, the main issue on everyone’s mind was GDPR. Whether behind closed doors or during impromptu drinks on at a yacht party, immediate implications of the GDPR remained at the forefront of every industry meeting, along with the discussion around current strategies for complying with the regulation.

OpenX at Cannes with clients

Cannes reigns supreme in building key relationships

Although the relaxed vibe in the beautiful Riviera is now more than a week past, there is no doubt the relationships made and initial business negotiations started will continue to blossom in the weeks, months and even years to come.

With 80+ meetings on our yacht this year and even more off-site, the team aboard Les Bruxellois left Cannes buzzing about future opportunities. Between the meetings set up months in advance, and the surprising connections made over a few brief moments in passing, one thing is for certain: every connection made and conversation had, regardless of formality, holds the potential to lead to much more down the line.

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