How Multi-Publisher PMPs Take Private Marketplaces to the Next Level

By OpenX in OpenX Innovations, Publishers|May 3, 2017

Private marketplaces (PMPs) have been around for several years now and their popularity will soar in the coming years. Zenith forecasts PMPs will surpass open RTB buying in the U.S. by next year, reaching $9.4 billion.

Traditional PMPs are a good starting point for brands and publishers dipping their toes into programmatic direct, however they are not without flaws. The good news is that multi-publisher (multi-pub) PMP deals solve for many of the most common pain points of traditional PMPs for buyers and publishers.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of multi-pub PMPs for both sides.

For Buyers, Brands and Agencies

Increased efficiency
With traditional PMP deals, buyers wrestle with deal IDs for each of their unique partners which could easily number in the dozens, if not hundreds. This means buyers have to spend time managing, organizing and troubleshooting deals individually. Multi-pub PMPs eliminate this issue.

Instead, buyers can easily and efficiently purchase custom packages from various sources with a single deal ID. Troubleshooting and optimizing is now handled through a single end-point, saving buyers valuable time and workflow processes.

Instant scale
Once targeting parameters and data are applied to a traditional PMP deal, the amount of available inventory that matches a buyer’s audience needs can taper off dramatically. This frustration can be magnified when a campaign is run across multiple deal IDs. Multi-pub PMPs solve this issue by bringing in premium supply from several publishers.

Full customization
Along with providing efficiency and scale, multi-pub PMPs are fully customizable to a buyer’s needs. Deals can be structured in a variety of ways, from viewability percentages to a whitelist or both. OpenX structures the deal based on the parameters set by the buyer.

For Publishers and App Developers

More Sources of Demand
Publishers can instantly alleviate the limited scale issue of traditional PMPs when they utilize multi-pub. Through multi-pub PMPs, publishers can quickly gain access to new or existing demand and from multiple buyers. Publishers can now to tap into incremental demand they might have otherwise not had access to while building deeper relationships with given buyers.

Seamless implementation
Once a publisher approves pricing, OpenX will take on the ownership of onboarding and managing multi-pub deals. This removes any additional resource or workflow constraints that a publisher might face.

Publishers can take comfort in knowing multi-pub deals inherit their ad quality settings. Their premium inventory will only be available to buyers that meet their criteria by brand, industry and creative. Along with this dedication to ad quality, publishers’ distinctive floor prices are respected within multi-pub PMPs, guaranteeing them the true value of their premium inventory.