By OpenX in Publishers|March 1, 2019

How OpenX and VICE Partnered To Unlock the Value of Programmatic Guaranteed Video

Programmatic guaranteed deals are often positioned as “the best of both worlds” – publishers can get the benefits of direct deals, such as revenue and volume guarantees, yet they also get the efficiency of programmatic.

Recently, OpenX partnered with VICE on a programmatic guaranteed deal with a tier-1 pharma brand who wanted to lock quality video inventory during one of the most competitive times of the year.

The partnership ended up being a huge success for both VICE and the pharma brand, and after seeing the initial performance of the video inventory, the advertiser decided to allocate incremental funds, ultimately increasing spend by 400%.

Previously, we were unable to programmatically guarantee inventory for tier one pharma brands in either display or video environments due to creative restrictions and lack of capabilities in other exchange platforms. OpenX was able to quickly and effectively mitigate those challenges.

Alex Magee, Programmatic & Ad Platforms Manager at VICE
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