By Brian Chisholm in Addressability, OpenX Innovations|September 26, 2023

Introducing ConteX, the Next Generation of Contextual Solutions 

The future of contextual buying

Today, OpenX announced the launch of ConteX, a supply-side marketplace that empowers brands and agencies to activate a variety of both off-the-shelf and custom premium contextual solutions without complicated contracts and long wait times. This new, future-proofed innovation offers end-to-end targeting and activation without any reliance on third-party cookies.

Buyers are increasingly looking for regionally compliant targeting solutions that deliver on accuracy and quality without having to strike individual deals with a variety of data partners. In fact, 54 percent of marketers have plans to increase the use of contextual data in their campaigns. 

ConteX offers buyers contract-free contextual targeting capabilities, enabling them to activate premium data partners directly within our SSP, with pre-negotiated terms. This means that buyers are now able to easily test and deploy the solutions that work best for their region without going partner-by-partner to strike deals.

Additionally, ConteX combines supply-side targeting and contextual targeting to deliver improved accuracy, more premium supply, and unprecedented insight into programmatic campaigns. 

Effective targeting, contract-free activation, and broader scale

Contextual targeting has become increasingly intelligent and effective, with ConteX’s data partners going well beyond on-page content: Rather than targeting cooking enthusiasts via cooking content, they build models to predict audience behavior and target cooking enthusiasts in any vertical or type of premium content they’re engaging with.

To do this, each ConteX premium data partner uses a different, proprietary methodology to enable buyers to reach highly targeted audiences in any environment without leveraging cookies or authenticated IDs:

  • Audigent, a data activation, curation, and identity platform 
  • Captify, a search intelligence platform for the open web
  • Cross Pixel, an audience and contextual targeting solution
  • Dstillery, a leading AI ad targeting company
  • Permutive, an audience platform powered by publisher first-party data
  • Silverpush, a hyper-contextual advertising platform powered by AI
  • Sqreem, a digital behavior aggregator where AI merges deep insights and media targeting

To activate these segments, OpenX works directly with the data partner to set up the audience and share a data-driven deal ID with the buyer, who then activates the deal ID within their DSP of choice.

As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, ConteX signals another step forward for OpenX in its ongoing commitment to building tools that prioritize both innovation and quality.

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