Gaining Brand Insights from the Political Advertising Trenches

By Dallas Lawrence, Chief Communications and Brand Officer in Brands & Agencies, Mobile|November 6, 2018

With this year’s midterm elections coming to a close, voter turnout is predicted to have reached an all-time high. Campaigns had a unprecedented opportunity to reach a huge group of voters that are not only more digital than ever, but more mobile, too.

As consumer engagement has shifted toward mobile, so have political advertising campaign strategies. It’s estimated that this year’s digital political ad spend numbers will top almost $2 billion, and campaigns that invested heavily in mobile were advantageously positioned to make the largest impact among their audience.

According to OpenX chief communications and brand officer Dallas Lawrence, this is one of the most significant consumer engagement shifts we’ve seen in recent years. Follow the link below to read his latest piece in Ad Age where he argues that brand advertisers can gain valuable insight from the challenges political campaigns faced this year.