By Chris Hallenbeck in Brands & Agencies, Transparency|July 27, 2023

OpenX Receives TAG Certified for Transparency Seal

OpenX is among the first 10 companies to receive this recognition, earned for our transparency practices.

Championing industry transparency 

A fair and transparent value exchange ensures that buyers are able to optimize their campaign results by connecting with their consumers effectively. Transparency in advertising requires all facets of the ecosystem to work together to deliver and innovate on best practices.

To help set industry best practices around supply chain transparency, TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group) recently announced their first-ever “Certified for Transparency” Seal. This seal recognizes companies with established transparency practices that provide buyers control and visibility. 

OpenX is among the first 10 companies to receive the TAG Certified for Transparency Seal. OpenX was recognized for our demonstrated track record of protecting brand safety, providing transparency for buyers, and working to create a more transparent digital advertising ecosystem.

A novel approach

Achieving seal recognition requires compatibility with TAG TrustNet (which acts as a common transparency framework for participants across the supply chain), annual compliance training, employing and honoring Ads.txt and App-Ads.txt (direct sellers and intermediaries), and employing and maintaining Sellers.json (intermediaries).

To do this, OpenX took a novel approach. To ensure the security of our client’s data, TAG TrustNet only reviewed customer-provided log reports directly sourced from OpenX. Upon testing, OpenX’s existing log-level data was found to meet sufficient levels of transparency to provide the insights and reporting for buyers who choose TAG TrustNet to pursue log-level analysis.

Maintaining buyer control

OpenX has long provided advertisers with actionable insights and granular reporting that helps them measure against their KPIs with confidence, done through OpenX’s BIDs product. Any OpenX buyer can opt-in to OpenX’s BIDs product to receive their log-level data and granular insights into their programmatic campaigns. To ensure maximum campaign and data privacy, BIDs is accessed via a secure environment.

Any advertiser who wishes to have their log-level data tested for efficiency can send their data in its existing format to TAG for end-to-end analysis of their logs at no cost. 

This nuanced approach provides visibility for both the industry and OpenX advertisers — while allowing OpenX clients to maintain control over who sees their logs and what actions are taken with them.

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