By OpenX in Brands & Agencies, Publishers|May 27, 2020

Research Shows JAPAC Market Increasing Programmatic Investment

Programmatic advertising is entering its second decade and has become the dominant method for display ad spending. It’s also capturing a notable, and growing, share of spend across mobile app and video as the technology advances and adapts to meet the changing needs of marketers. In the Japan and Asia Pacific (JAPAC) region specifically, the future of programmatic is bright. 

Our new research, The State of Programmatic in JAPAC: Current and Future Drivers of Growth, produced in conjunction with ExchangeWire, showed that more than three-quarters (76.6%) of media professionals across the Japan and Asia Pacific (JAPAC) region increased their programmatic investment, over the last 12 months. 

Surveying professionals from Australia, India, Indonesia and Japan, the findings revealed a number of trends influencing investment and future development in the region. The research also includes analysis from industry thought leaders at Publicis, Microsoft, Times Internet, Unilever and Xaxis to provide further insight into emerging trends.

Beyond a deep-dive into high level growth trends fueling programmatic, the research examines the use and development around recent industry innovations, such as ads.txt and header bidding, as well as broad sentiment around emerging advertising channels that have recently begun selling ads programmatically. 

Some highlights of the report include:

  • Header bidding is set to power the overriding majority of programmatic trading in JAPAC. Over 90% of the market uses header bidding, however, there is a wide disparity in the number of header bidding partners utilised across the region, particularly in emerging markets.
  • Ads.txt adoption remains inconsistent within the region. Only 6% of media professionals believe that all of their traded inventory is ads.txt verified. Initiatives to promote the use of the protocol throughout the market could prove instrumental in alleviating concerns over resources required to trade programmatic inventory, in turn driving further increases in investment towards the channel.
  • CTV captures headlines, but DOOH is poised to capture increased programmatic spend. 44% of respondents across the surveyed markets identify DOOH as the most promising channel, with strong support from across the full supply chain. In-app and audio advertising are also set to flourish, driven by mobile-centric audiences across the region.

Visit ExchangeWire to watch the most recent MadTech Webcast where OpenX MD of APAC, Andrew Tu, and ExchangeWire CEO Ciaran O’Kane talk through the findings of the report. Watch the webinar and view a free copy of the report, here.

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