Creating Effective Audiences in OpenAudience

By OpenX in OpenX Innovations|April 30, 2020

According to an IAB survey, 74% of buy-side decision-makers think the novel COVID-19 pandemic will have a greater impact on U.S. ad spend than the 2008-09 financial crisis, and marketers are looking to adapt their digital display and video advertising strategies accordingly. 

To help our partners on the buy side understand how OpenAudience, our people-based marketing platform, can be used to help navigate the tough environment we’re in, we recently hosted the third and final part in our series of webinars around OpenAudience, focusing on how a buyer can actually create their own audience inside OpenAudience. 

In this webinar, Todd Parson, Chief Product Officer at OpenX, Vickie Ng, Product Manager at OpenX, and guest presenter Laura Koenig, EVP of Trading at MiQ, discuss how effective open web audiences can be created, activated, and measured, and specific topics we dive into include:

  • Examples of the different ways to create audiences, including pre-packaged Partner Audiences, 1st party seeded Custom Audiences, and Lookalike Audiences. 
  • How to activate audiences across the open web by leveraging our partnerships with leading identity solutions and data providers.
  • A look into how audiences can be optimized with new supply-side signals and measured for either online or offline KPIs

We hope you enjoyed our three-part webinar series, and in case you missed any of the previous editions, you can watch the recordings of How to Boost Ad Revenue and How to Engage Audiences in Cookieless Environments.

For more information on OpenAudience, simply contact us and an OpenX representative will be in touch shortly.