Spotlight Series: Hassan Babajane at TVision

By OpenX in Addressability, CTV|February 6, 2024

Coinciding with the launch of OpenX’s Attention Marketplace, we sat down with Hassan Babajane, SVP Commercial at TVision to discuss the role of attention as a future-proof solution in CTV. Thanks for joining us, Hassan!

If you could see one movie again for the first time, what would you choose?

This is an incredibly tough question and had me thinking for quite some time. However, I would love to see The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou again for the first time. It’s a beautiful film, has an amazing cast that delivers fantastic performances, and an incredible soundtrack.

How does TVision measure and report television viewer engagement?

TVision maintains the industry’s largest opt-in, privacy-safe, CTV viewing panel. Our panel is census-backed and demographically representative. Through a combination of advanced computer vision technology and ACR, we measure every second of television viewing at the person-level across hundreds of apps and thousands of programs. We report attention, co-viewing, viewability and more enabling the media ecosystem to better understand the value of inventory. 

TVision occupies a unique space with its person-level measurement & viewer attention for CTV. Can you tell us more about that?

TVision is the only company measuring person-level CTV attention at scale. Smart TVs and device manufacturers provide huge amounts of data on a household level.  While device-level data may be sufficient for digital measurement, TV viewing is a different experience – everyone in a household watches the same TV at different times, and sometimes together. TVision goes beyond subscriber data and head of household information to identify who is paying attention to what programming, on which app, and at what time of day. This level of detail helps DSPs, SSPs, advertisers, and media companies better identify audiences, better value inventory, and avoid wasteful, low-attention inventory.

How does that translate into actionable media insights?

Our data enables the entire media ecosystem to better value inventory. Media sellers and exchanges are able to position inventory based on high, medium or low attention and agencies, advertisers and media buyers can then optimize their budgets to secure inventory that delivers the greatest impact.  

How does the TVision and OpenX partnership help deliver meaningful returns on CTV investments?

CTV represents one of the greatest opportunities for all buyers. By combining TVision attention data with the scale and signal that OpenX offers, our partnership will provide buyers an efficient solution to find the right inventory in an ever-expanding ecosystem.

Let’s talk more about the role of attention in CTV – what results are buyers seeing?

Attention is helping buyers understand the quality of their media investments. Measurement in CTV can be complicated, and leveraging attention metrics in CTV helps buyers understand where their investments are most likely to drive outcomes vs the value of an impression. For example, viewers pay the most attention to CTV during primetime, and less attention overnight. However, a large amount of ad inventory is priced the same no matter where or when it airs. 

What are the benefits of leveraging supply-side targeting combined with the ability to identify top-performing CTV apps for attention?

When SSPs like OpenX offer attention-based targeting they are delivering higher value opportunities to buyers. This improves campaign performance without increasing costs for advertisers. There is less waste in the process as well, with fewer ads delivered to unengaged audiences.

To learn more about this partnership or OpenX’s Attention Marketplace, download the one-sheet below or check out the Cookieless Deal Library.

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