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The Next Move in Video Advertising: Video by OpenX

By Valter Sciarillo, Head of Product Marketing at OpenX 

In this edition of OpenFocus, OpenX’s Valter Sciarillo shares how the newly launched Video by OpenX provides a premium video experience for the best value in the industry.


Streaming video is mainstream. A Kantar report notes that this year, 88% of US households have video streaming services. That means 88% of households are now used to high-quality, fast-loading video experiences — something that the rest of the internet hasn’t caught on to yet. Online, content is shared using download technology that is slower and heavier. For advertisers, that creates an opportunity for something better.

What if you could reach your audiences online with high-quality, high-definition streamed video at scale? With the launch of Video by OpenX, we’re providing premium video on premium inventory in a new way: with streaming. 

OpenX Video using streaming lets you serve high-quality video across more placements, helping you create unforgettable experiences for more of your audience — at a lower cost than traditional video inventory. What’s even better is that streaming uses less data, which translates to a smaller carbon footprint, and a more sustainable advertising campaign, while delivering an incredible user experience. 

A Better Way to Reach Viewers

In developing Video by OpenX, we create an entirely new video opportunity.  We don’t just bring you premium inventory and audiences — we bring you results, through our high quality content-creation support, unique buying power, first-rate data and analytics tools, and extensive network of partners. 

To get you the results you deserve, we’re launching the program in two formats:

  1. Video-in-Display. Through large-format, high-definition videos on premium publishers, you will be able to reach specifically targeted audiences based on our high-quality data.
  2. Social Display and Native Video. With the same high-impact video creative used on social media and our curated supply and audience targeting, direct-response advertisers will be able to boost engagement and drive viewer action.

When you spend money and effort developing video content for specific platforms or social media, we want to help you maximize that work. With Video by OpenX, you can repurpose those assets and run them across our premium inventory to reach 160 million active monthly users. 

Four Steps to Better Video Engagement

The video market is growing, and nearly everyone is relying on this format to reach audiences. 92% of marketers are turning to the medium as a key aspect of their promotional strategy, and 87% of them are seeing a positive return on investment for those efforts — up from 55% in 2015. To stand out among the crowd, you need to find your perfect audience with the perfect content at the perfect price. OpenX has developed a four-step strategy to make that happen.

The first step in effectively reaching audiences is developing high-quality content — something OpenX has supported since our foundation. Video by OpenX harnesses proprietary technology that delivers instant streaming of premium high-def videos and draws in users. These videos are noticeably better than other video ads — and they load instantly and improve viewability of your video content. Our high-impact creative product translates to higher engagement rates in every campaign and upgraded results for advertisers.

The next essential element for any video campaign is finding the space for it to thrive. Advertisements through the OpenX program have the advantage of being promoted across our extensive network of premium publisher integrations. That network, along with our exceptional analytics platform, gives us the ability to target high-viewability placements, ones that prioritize efficiency, reach and optimization.

No one does data like OpenX, and every video campaign through the Video Network will benefit from our unparalleled audience segmentation capabilities. After interpreting and evaluating findings from your first-party data, our OpenAudience data, point-of-interest visitation metrics and credit-card spending details — along with newly available partner data from major businesses — we can confidently find the perfect viewer for each video you publish.

An added benefit of streaming is that it is data-efficient, creating a smaller carbon footprint than other video delivery methods. This translates to a win-win: high-performance, quality video that actually reduces the overall emissions from a campaign. And this is in addition to the fact that OpenX provides a zero-carbon footprint verified with a CarbonNeutral certification.

The final key to success is continuous optimization through focused metrics. Campaigns run through Video by OpenX will import detailed summaries of critical data points, including cost-per-view, cost-per-sale and user engagement numbers. By bundling your premium content and our deep partnerships with the extensive data from our OpenAudience platform and our premium supply partners, we can continue to upgrade your reach and your results at each stage of your campaign.

Premium Video Offerings at Efficient Prices

Reaching and engaging audiences is only one side of the value scale. You need to reduce costs to elevate those returns. This is where OpenX’s efficient processes and low fees make the difference.

By securing these video opportunities directly through the OpenX exchange, you can avoid overpriced and inefficient placements in the market — achieving better results at significantly lower rates. Most video programming is subject to massive partner costs, but OpenX charges just $1 for every thousand impressions.

At OpenX, you know where your money is going. With our competitors, it’s not quite clear where your dollar is being allocated. We value transparency, and we know there is space for everyone to thrive in an open and honest advertising industry. With our lower fees, we spend more of your dollar on our inventory than our competitors, delivering real results for you. We just do it all at a more reasonable rate. We also do it in the smoothest way possible, with frictionless billing, no additional contracting and no invoicing.

With Video by OpenX, we’ve cracked the code to optimizing your video campaigns: produce excellent content, reach exactly the right audience and maximize your spending. To find the premium video experience your advertising deserves, email or contact us.

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