How to Boost Revenue in Cookieless Environments

By OpenX in Publishers, Videos|February 4, 2020

Google recently announced that within two years, Chrome will end support for third-party cookies, and combined with the emergence of privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA, there are questions across the entire digital advertising ecosystem around how to adjust and best set up businesses to succeed going forward. There is real concern that the changes will lead to the loss of ad revenue for publishers, and fewer options for marketers to leverage data to achieve better marketing outcomes.

In the midst of this significant industry change, we recently hosted a webinar with Todd Parsons, Chief Product Officer at OpenX, and Travis Clinger, VP of Strategic Partnerships at LiveRamp, as they discussed How to Boost Revenue in Cookieless Environments. If you didn’t have a chance to watch, we have posted the full webinar on our site. 

Whether you are a publisher, ad network, brand marketer, or agency employee, this webinar is intended for anyone concerned about the implications of the deprecation of the cookie.

You will gain actionable advice on how OpenX’s OpenAudience solution, combined with LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution allows publishers to match consented user cookie data with a LiveRamp IdentityLink in a way that is not reliant on third-party cookies. The combined solution provides marketers a way to maintain the identity information that is critical to their business, while also ensuring publishers maintain the ability to leverage their data to increase yield and monetization.