Improving Trust and Transparency in TV

By Amanda Forrester in CTV, Transparency|December 4, 2023

For the ninth quarter in a row, Pixalate has named OpenX a top-ranked CTV SSP in its Global CTV Seller Trust Index, which ranks global sellers of programmatic CTV advertising inventory sold on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung devices. 

Promoting a fair and transparent value exchange has long been core to OpenX’s DNA, and as more marketers choose CTV, we are committed to ensuring our transparency practices lead the industry. While our CTV inventory has always been 100% glass-on-wall devices and in-stream video, we recently launched an ongoing initiative to expand our commitment to a transparent CTV ecosystem.

We created this initiative to combine the most powerful aspects of linear and programmatic buying models to unlock the full potential of CTV. To fulfill that potential, in the first phase of this initiative, we took the following actions:

  • We eliminated all resellers from our CTV inventory pool, ensuring that buyers have more working media and reduced invalid traffic. This also ensures that publishers get their fair cut of transactions to power the development of high-quality content for consumers.
  • We removed all non-linear style content, including fireplace apps, gaming, UGC, OTT, and mobile, from our CTV inventory. 

In its short tenure, TV by OpenX has already helped buyers reduce manual efforts for CTV setup and set more accurate bid guidance. Additionally, TV by OpenX delivers enhanced reporting, including log-level data and granular insights into campaigns, for improved measurement and attribution. The goal of TV by OpenX is to move the industry forward for buyers, publishers, and technology providers alike.

This is only the beginning. Our belief is that you should Demand More from your Media today than you did yesterday. TV by OpenX is actively advancing that mission by helping to create a more transparent and efficient programmatic CTV experience for the entire ecosystem.

Interested in activating today? Contact us here, or download the one-sheet to learn more. 

Download the TV by OpenX one-sheet: