By Amanda Forrester in Addressability, Sustainability, Transparency|August 15, 2023

What Does it Mean to Demand More From Your Media?

Demand More

As we look back at the history of programmatic advertising, its initial stages were marked by a lack of transparency, brand safety standards, and accountability for the environment or privacy. Without a responsible, healthy ecosystem, buyers and publishers alike were subject to waste, inefficiencies, and obfuscation. 

In 2013, OpenX led an industry-wide effort to prioritize quality and clean up the digital advertising ecosystem. Since then, addressability, transparency, and sustainability have been core to our mission of supporting the open web. These continued strides reflect our belief that you should Demand More from your media today than you did yesterday.

At OpenX, we always try to do the right thing. While we don’t always get it right the first time, we’re constantly learning, and we are committed to being and doing better every single day. That’s a promise we make to our employees, publishers, brands, agencies, DSPs, data providers, the planet, and ultimately, consumers. As the most innovative supply-side platform (SSP) we demand a lot of ourselves today so that you can Demand More From Your Media tomorrow. 

Demand Addressability 

At its core, addressability means enabling a buyer to reach their target consumer with the right creative. Addressability also means reducing wasted impressions while maximizing the value of every customer touchpoint – because every impression is most valuable when the right consumer is connected to the right brand with content they love. 

OpenX is committed to delivering the best supply-side targeting products so that brands and agencies can leverage sophisticated data-driven solutions to reach their audiences directly or contextually and lean into their KPIs with confidence. Similarly, we commit to ensuring that publishers maximize the value of their content across channels. This includes developing the first supply-side identity graph for an independent SSP, delivering the most robust addressable CTV solutions, and innovating emerging solutions.

As targeted media-buying evolves, OpenX is taking action to help publishers and buyers alike prepare for this new landscape, including the deprecation of third-party cookies and IDFAs. To that end, we are building our own solutions, have partnered with leading identity solutions including Ramp ID, ID5, and 33Across, and are the only major SSP to be developing solutions with Google Privacy Sandbox.

Learn more about supply-side targeting here.

Demand Transparency 

A fair and transparent value exchange ensures publishers are able to effectively monetize their inventory and marketers are able to improve business results by effectively connecting with their consumers.

As the creators and patent-holders of header bidding, OpenX has always been on the cutting edge of programmatic and a champion of transparent and mutually beneficial auction dynamics. To that end, OpenX has long provided advertisers with actionable insights and granular reporting that helps them measure against their KPIs with confidence. Any OpenX buyer can opt-in to OpenX’s BIDs product to receive log-level data and granular insights into their programmatic campaigns.

While we seek to grow profitably, by controlling the size of our footprint, we are able to maintain high quality standards that effectively connect marketers with the audiences and inventory that perform best for their brands at a fair price for publishers. Our size gives us enough scale to deliver on any buyer need, but also allows us to focus on premium inventory by building innovative tools that prioritize quality versus growth at all costs. Specifically, we eliminate bad actors and limit re-sellers and made for advertising domains while prioritizing direct connections for superior control over where marketers’ ads are seen.

Recently, OpenX was among the first companies to receive the TAG Certified for Transparency Seal. We do not believe in grading our own homework, therefore independent third-party verification is paramount to everything that we do. We take transparency a step further by providing buyers with actionable insights and granular reporting that helps them measure against their KPIs with confidence. With log-level data, including clearing price, for every impression, OpenX gives buyers unprecedented insight into their programmatic campaigns.  

Demand Sustainability

Meaningful, measurable sustainability efforts in advertising matter because we have the opportunity to be enormously influential. Not only is our industry a significant global contributor to carbon emissions, which provides opportunity for emission reduction, but marketing and advertising has a tremendous storytelling impact, allowing us to connect with consumers and inspire more sustainable decisions.

Because sustainability is a non-negotiable at OpenX, we have agreed to adhere to globally accepted standards: We have pledged to have our GHG emissions measured and audited by experienced third-parties, and we remain committed to independent third-party verification and public reporting of these emissions so that we remain accountable to our employees, publishers, and clients. 

We are also the first adtech company to achieve our Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) Net-Zero goals and to be certified CarbonNeutral®. As a testament to these commitments, OpenX is one of only nine companies in the world to be recognized as a Climate Registered All Star

As the leader in supply-side targeting we help publishers and advertisers go a step beyond supply path optimization (SPO). By applying data to campaigns on the supply side, we are able to help reduce the number of SSPs responding to a bid request, substantially reducing emissions.

We share our path to Net-Zero because we care about sustainability well beyond our own company, and we endeavor to encourage other companies to embrace both global standards as well as transparent reporting.Learn more about our journey here.

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