OpenX at Advertising Week XII

By OpenX in Videos|October 8, 2015

4 days, 290 events, 10,100 delegates, 902 speakers and 1 OpenX

It’s no surprise that the dominant themes at Advertising Week XII were Trust and Transparency – with OpenX leading the charge as the exclusive sponsor of Advertising Week’s Trust Forum.

At the Trust Forum, OpenXers and industry experts engaged in lively discussions on the state of trust in the digital advertising industry, taking a deep dive into the meaning of quality. Discussions focused around big industry issues like ad blocking, consumer trust, eradicating fraud, and the challenges of the fragmented-device environment.

It’s only been a few days since AWXII came to a close, and while some of you early birds may already be planning for 2016, the majority of us are still wrapping our heads around this year’s whirlwind week of events.

Beyond the Trust Forum, OpenX executives participated in a number of other discussions throughout AWXII, offering fresh perspectives on trends like header bidding, big data and disruptive technologies.

And who can forget the juice bar? It was a no contest hit with delegates!