Programmatic Direct 101 for Buyers: How does Real-time Guaranteed Work?

By OpenX in OpenX Innovations|March 21, 2017

This is part 2 of a 3 part series in understanding the wonderful world of Programmatic Direct.

Ever wondered how exactly a guaranteed programmatic deal would work? Easy – it combines the best of both worlds – direct deal structures and programmatic execution. Here’s how Real-time Guaranteed works in 5 easy steps.

Programmatic Direct
  1. Buyer: defines audience and other targeting needs
  2. Buyer: syncs audience data with OpenX via DSP or DMP*
  3. OpenX: runs a forecast for audience availability on the publisher’s site
  4. Publisher: presents guaranteed volume, and both parties negotiate and agree on volume commitment and CPM
  5. Publisher: sends Deal ID to buyer and buyer launches the RTG campaign

*Another option, if the buyer does not wish to sync audience segments, is to let the publisher define the audience based on their first-party audience data.

Stay ahead of the curve on Programmatic Direct: download the full cheat sheet here.